Fix: Installer Encountered An Error: 0x8007000d in Windows 8.1

While installing Windows 8.1 update, you might face one issue with the standalone installer. Mainly, this problem comes with KB2919355 – the main update that is almost 690Mb in size.

You know that Windows 8.1 is pretty good and much better than Windows 8 in terms of number of options and appearance. There are some cool features come with Windows 8.1. Few days back, Microsoft stopped giving support and releasing security updates to Windows XP users. At the same time, they have unveiled a major update for Windows 8.1 users.



How to Send New Gmail Attachment to Dropbox

This tutorial will let you send new Gmail attachment to Dropbox account just after receiving a new mail.

Gmail doesn’t require any introduction since this is one of the best email service provider that is being developed by the web giant, Google INC. By default, Gmail provides 25 GB free space to store email e.g. text and attachments. You can surely buy Google Drive space to download (from Gmail) and upload (to Google Drive) important attachments to prevent unusual data lose like hacking.

send new gmail attachment to dropbox

On the other hand, Dropbox is yet another popular cloud storage provide that provide 2 GB free space. You can increase this memory by doing different things including refer to a friend, download mailbox app and so on. On the other hand, the Pro account costs only $9.99 for a month for 100 GB free space.

Anyway, that is pretty different from the core topic. If you want to send important Gmail attachments or even all new attachments to your Dropbox account automatically, here you go. Instead of downloading those new attachments from Gmail and uploading to Dropbox account manually, you can simply make use of this technique to do the same automatically. […]


In a previous EndLagNow Blog Entry, we looked at how Counterstrike Source and Team Fortress 2 use Lag Compensation and other techniques to hide Lag from users and make the game ‘work’ over high latencies and a variety of network conditions. The Killer Gaming Network Card has been my passion, my life for 3 years now… and i thought it would be good to explain how Killer works in context of how CSS and TF2 compensate for Lag, Latency, and how all that relates to framerates (FPS). The short answer is, Killer not only helps yourself in the game, it helps the server and the other players too… AND… less Lag Compensation makes for a BETTER experience, and if this matters to you, More Killing, more winning, and to some that means more fun.

So, how does Killer work in this context? First, understand Killer Bypasses the Windows Network Stack. At the game logic level, the game still thinks it is talking to WINDOWS, but in reality, it is talking to Killer directly. By Bypassing windows, the “MAIN GAME LOOP” runs faster… since networking calls take less time to process (really a fraction of the time), the game runs faster. Yes, HIGHER FPS is one result… but also, YOUR CLICKS are registered sooner (at a higher frequency sample), and the packet that contains your “CLICK” goes out, onto the real “wires” faster as well….

  1. Your Clicks get registered sooner. (and higher FPS)
  2. Your Packets hit the wire faster. (lower latency)

Lower Latencies (according to the calculation in the CSS developers wiki (see below), means LESS NEED for LAG COMPENSATION. In short, your “hit box” is more “TRUE TO WHAT YOU ARE SHOOTING AT”… and less prone to Error. […]


The Warez  Serialz, Cracks, Crackers, Hackers, Modders, and Phreaks are alright in my book. They cannot be stopped with DRM , Encryption, Fingerprints, or any other way. All the public debate recently over SPORE by Maxis DRM crippling is totally legit. And here is the core of my BIG problem with it: it has NO SIGNIFICANT ONLINE component. EA and Maxis, and Will Wright have given me no REASON NOT to download the Warez version. So, the answer, HOW TO BEAT PC GAME PIRACE: Give me a reason NOT to Pirate your game.

Will Wright told the world that SPORE would have some AWESOME online content. That you could have your creatures interact with other creatures to form hybrids, or that you could play with other players or in some way ‘compare your’ creatures to others, heck, deathmatch them. Shouldn’t we be able to play/struggle/fight with OTHER humans also playing/struggling/fighting at the same time? Wouldn’t it be awesome to land on a planet occupied by a REAL human creations and interact (peacefully or otherwise) with that player? These kinds of ONLINE FEATURES, defeat piracy. Ever hear of someone pirating World of Warcraft or Age of Conan? Can’t be done! […]